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Oracle takeover of Sun

Now Oracle will be competing with IBM and HP in Server Market

Surely this is good !!! If IBM had bought Sun, the big players in Server market would have been IBM and HP only.

I read that Sun's list of open-source Software (Java and MySQL) was a major factor in influencing the purchase ...


From COBOL Data-Section to an OO Design

With inheritence !

This is a continuation of my earlier blog - asking what would be the desirable characteristics of a COBOL program - rewritten in OO Java or C#.

In the first step we discussed the necessity for Semantic Translation.

In the next section I would like to discuss the importance of OO in design of data-sections. (I will discuss OO in business logic section a bit later).



Green Shoots of recovery .... too early ?

Quarterly earning reports looking good.

For first quarter of 2009 - Goldman reported $1.8 Billion, JPMorgan reported a net profit of $2.14 billion, and Wells-Fargo is expected to make $3 billion quarterly profit.
Meanwhile, Intel's net earning is down - but better than expected.

Does all this point to the green shoots of recovery ?


Semantic translation - First requirement for generation of "Maintainable" Code

Step-by-Step Guide to Successful COBOL Modernization

In my yesterday's blog, I asked what would be the desirable characteristics for a COBOL program re-written in Java or C#? It doesn't really matter whether the process is achieved in a manual rewrite, or through automatic translation. But the amount of time and budget allocated to the system matters a lot. If there was a BIG budget and a lot of time, you could end-up with an "ideal" solution (or run over-time and budget, and have the project cancelled).

So, without further ado, here is the major characteristic:


Satyam auctioned - Tech Mahindra is new owner

Ok, I know this is not exactly legacy modernization issue ... but it is still interesting.


Resistence is Futile ... You will be Translated

Well, your COBOL legacy Applications will be translated

Various reports suggest that the COBOL code base is still growing between 3 to 5% per year. The past Legacy modernization projects have only touched the tip of the iceburg.

The modernization projects to-date has mostly started due to an immediate "necessity" such as business process changes. In this situation, where budgets allowed, it made sense to re-document, extract the rules, re-design and rewrite. My company - SoftwareMining we also produce business rule extraction tools for this market. But in this discussion, I want to focus on Translations.

As I said, I think we have just seen tip of the iceberg ...


Cyrus Montakab

On Legacy Modernization

I am the technical director at SoftwareMining ...