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Microfocus's increasing license costs & Legacy Modernization

Increased licensing costs is hastening the move away from COBOL

To many organizations in the last few years, Legacy Modernization has meanth rehosting in Microfocus. This has allowed organizations to move from Mainframes to Unix (or even Windows) platforms, and reduce their hardware and infrastructure costs. But it now Microfocus has increased the licensing costs, and organizations are again feeling the pain.

These days we are getting more and more interest from organizations where Microfocu's costs is becoming too much. This is particularily so with ISV, where the cost of re-distribution of their software is biting hard.

I can see the MicroFocus's reasoning - with license costs lower than that associated with running Mainframe the end-users are still making a good saving.

None-the-less, the whole thing must still be worring to their end users. First they buy out a large number of competitors, and then, suddenly they increase their licensing costs.

Is this a sign of things to come? The  license costs can be pushed higher and higher, but with little competition, and userbase have will not have much choice.

I for one, would like to thank MicroFocus for this strategy. This is making a proper modernization to Java/C# a more viable option. Here at SoftwareMining we are aleady seening a lot of Microfocus's unhappy clients who have just had enough of Microfocus and COBOL.

Re: Microfocus's increasing license costs & Legacy Modernization

i do agree. what are the alternatives? we are struggling to be out of Microfocus...any idea how we can?

Re: Microfocus's increasing license costs &amp; Legacy Modernization

I do agree..Micro Focus Should not forget People took 50 years to move from mainframes to Micro focus but will take less time to move from Micro focus to C# or java or any other Open Source . Micro focus is Nokia we are waiting for another Android to come. Open Source is future.

Re: Microfocus's increasing license costs & Legacy Modernization

There are realistic alternatives to MicroFocus - Fujitsu and OpenCobol to name two.

I migrated about a couple of hundred COBOL programs (thousands of source code files) from HP-UX MicroFocus to Fujitsu COBOL a while ago, without too many issues.

At the moment, I'm doing the same thing, this time from Fujitsu to OpenCOBOL compiler (the COBOL-IT packaged version), and moving from an older HP-UX PA-RISC to Itanium64 architecture, and finding it pretty smooth going - so far.

If you want to read about the nitty gritty, have a look at an article I've posted on our company website:


Re: Microfocus's increasing license costs & Legacy Modernization

Forget software licenses, installation, training and maintenance of tools that do not provide full coverage anyway.

Check out www.mapador.com - you get the results, not some 300 page manual, regardless of platform or language.

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