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COBOL Jobs for iPhone/iPad Developers

.. or iPad Development for COBOL developers

A large portion of corporate system remain in COBOL language – and there appears to be a mixed reviews on how organizations continue to maintain these. On one had, Robert L. Mitchell in Brain Drain article on computerworld notes that there is problems hiring COBOL people, but then the responses from COBOL developers is there aren’t that many COBOL positions available!!!

How could this be?? Perhaps companies are looking to hire COBOL resources with experience in a particular business domain (or even with their applications??).
Or perhaps companies prefer to take on younger developers, with fewer bad habits, quicker uptake of knowledge, and ones who can potentially stay with company for decades to come !!!

Is this realistic?? surely all the talented fresh developers dream of developing iPhone / Smartphone Apps. As Billy Hollis observes in his blog = we are now living in a new era of computing:

The iPad is so easy a 2-year-old can use it. Animal behaviorists have taught monkeys to use one. I put mine in the hands of my mom, who is in her mid-70s. She figured it out in about 90 seconds. We now have a generation of workers coming into the workforce whose mental model of technology is based on iPods, iPhones, Android smartphones, e-book readers and the iPad. What happens when they sit down on their first day of work in front of a typical corporate system?
So what is a company to do if their own COBOL/legacy developers are moving up the management ladder/retiring, new developers just want to provide an IPhone/IPad type interface to the old systems but not interested in maintaining the old code, and there isn't much point in hiring older developers - as they will be retiring in a few years - and the company is back to square one! Here is another question for COBOL developers – if there was a COBOL development kit for iPhones or a tablet or … , wouldn’t you be developing an App for the smartphone market? Of course you would :-)

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