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COBOL developers, Guns and Viagra

COBOL website bypasses Viagra Ads and goes straight to Funeral Plan Ads! Ouch!

A recent article in The Economist - on Guns finishes off by saying:

… most NRA convention-goers in St Louis were white men over the age of 40—a segment of the population on the decline. The classified sections in NRA magazines such as American Rifleman feature, besides all the weaponry, advertisements for gardening equipment andViagra.
I found that funny & amusing, until I saw an advert for Funeral Plans on MainFrame COBOL website. Ouch. (if it isn't there the first time - "refresh" the page several times and it will appear).

For a while some have argued COBOL is still going very strong whilst others argue it is a dying language. I think it is fair to say there is still a lot of it out there, but it is long since it is used in new software developments. Ie most of the COBOL developers merely maintain and extend existing systems.

OK, most of the cobol expertise is now held with middle aged people (my age) - and so I would understand if there were Viagra Ads on COBOL websites, but Funeral Plans? really? it is a little premature isn't it!

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