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What did NASA Find on Mars? Evidence of COBOL modernization gone wrong?

This week there has been numerous news articles about NASA having made a historical find on planet Mars. I wonder what this could be! As this is a “legacy Modernization” forum, I keep my guesses/ humour only to related technology issues – such as Martian “equivalent” of Y2K, COBOL resources, never ending Business Rule-Extraction validations, and so on.

We know there is no life on Mars. But maybe there once was. Did NASA find evidence of a failed Martian's Environmental Control System - perhaps caused by :

  • The new IT guys moved the application from Mainframe & Unix boxes to run on an iPhone / iPad (sounded like a good idea at the time)
  • computer never auto-rebooted from Blue-Screen of Death.
  • Y2K project didn’t finish in time
  • The ERP implementation of the system was abandoned after $200 Billion (see previous post)
  • The management waited too long, all legacy resources had left deciding before modernization project started
  • The move from a procedural system to a rule / inference engine based one, well, it took a lot longer than envisaged
  • The support Telephone line's automated options went on too long (for help with loss of atmosphere press 21 followed by # key, for help with … )
  • They moved the system to a (methane?) cloud, but it dissipated
  • the Modernization Patent Wars killed all projects. (don't worry, SoftwareMining is safe should similar problems start here on earth. Phew :) )

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