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MicroFocus Rehosting vs SoftwareMining Translation to Java or C#

Why moving to new technology is a better option

Re-hosting vs Translation – 10 reasons for choosing a good translation to Java/C# over MicroFocus Rehosting solutions.

  • Maintenance - COBOL developers are getting close to retirement age. All new developers know java and C#
  • Technology – moving to java or C# opens up the system to all kind of newer technologies: from open-source code coverage, documentation tools, performance optimizers, databases, and so on
  • Integration: Much easier to integrate Java / C# applications with other applications
  • Data-Migration (KSDS/VSAM to SQL Databases – where each COBOL field maps to an SQL Column)
  • Data-Migration – Sequential files to can be migrated to MS-Excel Spreadsheet format,
  • Data-Mining: Moving Indexed/KSDS data files to SQL databases opens up the system to host of data-mining tools
  • Costs – translation has no associated runtime costs
  • Free of COBOL legacy – in a good translation, the generated code does not require in-depth familiarity with COBOL.
  • Performance – generated code should avoid COBOL emulations where possible. For example, where possible it remove GOTOs, and REDEFINES and un-necessary formatting such as COMP-3.
  • Welcome to 21st Century ! (Well, I had to say something very positive at the end :)
Of course, that just my views !