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Re: Is COBOL Dead? or will there be COBOL code on starship Enterprise?

Given the Navy heritage, I assume the original Enterprise had some COBOL lurking somewhere on board.  (As a side note, the evident lack of a currency-based economy in the Star Trek future will likely retire more COBOL than will any other development.  Kill the money, kill the COBOL financial apps in one fell swoop:-)).

Later, Federation ships relied on computers and software from the Bynar race. Those must be some solid products, since you don't see a Bynar geek squad on board except when the story line involves Bynar shenanigans. Although you only hear the Bynar communication described as "in binary" I like to think that the binary stream contains something elegant, such as Lisp (the language, not the speech impediment). The Bynar would no doubt swoon if they saw a well-patched COBOL program.

So now we have two more possible motivations for dumping legacy technology: 1) retirement of their applications; and 2) replacement by superior alien technolgoy.

Softwaremining had better make hay before either of those things happen:-)

Re: Is COBOL Dead? or will there be COBOL code on starship Enterprise?

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