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Re: COBOL programmer salaries up by 43% in 1 year

Last year I was talking to a System Integrator with large offices in India. He was telling me fresh Indian university graduates typically jump at the opportunity to work with this BIIG compoany. But then when they start to work, and get assigned to a COBOL project - they are disappointed. Anyway it takes them at least half a year to get to know the mainframe, COBOL and the system they are suppose to be maintaining. When a change request comes in from the outsourcing-client, it takes them a really long time to implement the change and test it (they lack confidence). After year and a bit, the graduates feel if they stay, they'll never get another job with more exciting technologies - the kind of stuff they went to uni to study.

And the System-Integrator has a large turnover of staff - and a continuous re-hiring, re-training cycle.

Grass isn't always greener on the other side !!

Re: COBOL programmer salaries up by 43% in 1 year

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