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Evaluation Service

FREE translation service

COBOL Translations require an indepth knowlegde of the source and target languages, Tools, and best Translation practices.

To ease the evaluation of your project, SoftwareMining offers a free evaluation service of upto 5000K Lines of your code to Java or C# languages.

To take advantage of this offer - please Email SoftwareMining and provide some details on your project, and sample source code.

COBOL to Java, COBOL to C# Translation Examples


2014 March M-Corp selects SoftwareMining tools translation of Government Health application

2013 July SoftwareMining tools selected for migration of Fairfax County IBM/CICS COBOL to java

2013 Jan French Social Security uses SoftwareMining for Migration of COBOL to Java

2012 January Unisys's C# translation of URBIS Banking application completes Testing phase, is ready for production

2012 Feb Transunion sucessfully completes Tandem COBOL Credit Card Application to Java using SoftwareMinin tools

2012 Jan CGI selects SoftwareMining tools for migration of 3 COBOL applications to Java

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