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From COBOL Data-Section to an OO Design

With inheritence !

The translation of "COBOL" data-definitions to Java/C# should result in a fully Object-Oriented data-classes, with an "Object-Relational" design.

COBOL structures should be translated to equivalant classes. For example, an File-Definition structure represeting "EMPLOYEE-RECORD" should be translated to an "EmployeeRecord" class, which uses an Object-Relation API to takes care of its own persistent (similar to Java Hibernate).

Furthermore, the translator should also be aware of "Inheritence". For example, a record structure representing "MANAGER-RECORD" should "Inherit" from "EmployeeRecord".

In the original COBOL program the "employee" fields would have typically been copied to the "manager" structure usign COPY-FILES, or even worse - "cut-and-pasted". An "Intelligent" translation system should recognise this aspect and use "Inheritence".

Well, at least this is what we aim to produce :-)

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