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Pacbase to COBOL, Java and C# Migation

PACBASE is a mainframe based CASE tool which uses a central data-dictionary to hold all definitions. It aimes to by-pass application development using COBOL language.

PACBASE generates COBOL code which is then compiled and deployed. However, the COBOL is not maintainable, and as it stands it does not provide a viable path out of PACBASE.

IBM will drop the support for this product at end of 2015, and is encouraging PACBASE users to move to Rational-Programing-Platform (RPP). RPP can also be used to re-generate the same type of COBOL code, which can then be complied and deployed.

PACBASE to cleaned-up COBOL, cleaned-up Java or cleaned-up C#

SoftwareMining uses a combination of PACKBASE Segments/Elements, repository and the generated COBOL code as input to SoftwareMining COBOL to Java Converter. The translation tool uses various AI based patterns to cleans-up the code and generate maintainable java or C#. The following is an some of PACBASE specific issues which are taken into consideration to generate maintainabe Java from COBOL code.

PACBASE COBOL to Java/C# Migration Project Phases

The Migration of COBOL applications to Java or C# involves:
  • Asset Management: Identify all the artefacts required for translation .
  • Translate to target language
  • Database and Data Migration
  • Migrate JCL
  • Create and Populate of Test Database
  • System acceptance testing
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • (Optional): Other Improvements: Screen Redesign, SOA Integration, Cloud Deployments, Coding Improvements and clean up

Comparing COBOL to translated code

Comparison of Converted code: COBOL to Java
Comparison of Converted code: COBOL to C#
COBOL to Java / C# Conversion Tool - Download Trial (Release 2023-01-09)

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