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Convert Honeywell BULL (GCOS) COBOL to Java / C#

Honeywell BULL's dialect of COBOL is fairly close to ANSI COBOL 74/85 Standards.
The main differences is the extensions to COBOL language, Screens definitions, use of IDS or IDS/2 Database and API.
SoftwareMining COBOL to Java conversion system already supports the most widely elements of these libraries.
(SoftwareMining services will endeavour to provide support for the missing libraries when undertaking Conversion Services).

BULL GCOS Screens Definition

The set of control characters required to display a screens on a Terminal is encoded in variables within the Programs.
The control characters are typically not human-legible, and their inclusion in COBOL programs can make the application less maintainable.
SoftwareMining tools can translate the Control Characters to a more human readable XML , JSP or ASP files.

IDS/2 Database and API, VSAM Files

BULL COBOL programs typically utilise the IDS-2 database system and API. IDS-2 is a CODASYL designs, which support Master-Child type relationships.
SoftwareMining Converter can use the exported IDS-2 schemas (or COBOL program listings) to regenerate the database as a Relational Database. The Master-Child relationships are converted to "foreign-key" relationships. The system will also generate Object-Relational data access classes for each of the tables. These classes will continue to represent the Master-Child relationships as associations in Object-Oriented classes.

The following diagram outlines the artefacts generated from translation of DBMS32 tables
codasyl databases

The API simplifies database access thru GET, STORE, UPDATE, MODIFY, FIND, ERASE type statements.

HONEYWELL BULL (GCOS) COBOL to Java/C# Migration Project Phases

The Migration of COBOL applications to Java or C# involves:
  • Asset Management: Identify all the artefacts required for translation .
  • Translate to target language
  • Database and Data Migration
  • Migrate JCL
  • Create and Populate of Test Database
  • System acceptance testing
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • (Optional): Other Improvements: Screen Redesign, SOA Integration, Cloud Deployments, Coding Improvements and clean up

Comparing COBOL to translated code

Comparison of Converted code: COBOL to Java
Comparison of Converted code: COBOL to C#
COBOL to Java / C# Conversion Tool - Download Trial (Release 2023-01-09)

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