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Microfocus COBOL to Java / C#

MicroFocus COBOL Specific issues :

MicroFocus COBOL tend to follow standard COBOL Application development guideliens.

The primary difference is enhancements in Screen handling, library wrapping Operating-System calls, and off course use of Object-Oriented COBOL.

COBOL SCREEN SECTION and Conversational programs

MicroFocus COBOL provides and additional SCREEN SECTION allowing design of static screens. Such screens tend to be used within Conversational programs, designed for a "client-server" type deployment. SoftwareMining converts such Conversational applications to a Application-Server architecture.
MicroFocus COBOL also regularly uses control characters to control screen operations (e.g. Blank Screen). Where possible, SoftwareMining translates these control characters to statements which describe the operation (e.g. blankScreen() method).

Migration of MicroFocus COBOL code with OS API's

MicroFocus COBOL provides numerous OS centric API's for handling. After migrating such code to Java or C# -designed for Application Server, many of these calls will no longer be required. As such , each call needs to be individually evaluated.

Migration of mainframe/CICS applications re-hosted in MicroFocus

Translation of MicroFocus applications migrated from mainframe will need the same requirement as the original code. Please see translation of IBM Mainframe CICS or SQL and DB2 applications

MicroFocus COBOL to Java/C# Migration Project Phases

The Migration of COBOL applications to Java or C# involves:
  • Asset Management: Identify all the artefacts required for translation .
  • Translate to target language
  • Database and Data Migration
  • Migrate JCL
  • Create and Populate of Test Database
  • System acceptance testing
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • (Optional): Other Improvements: Screen Redesign, SOA Integration, Cloud Deployments, Coding Improvements and clean up

Comparing COBOL to translated code

Comparison of Converted code: COBOL to Java
Comparison of Converted code: COBOL to C#
COBOL to Java / C# Conversion Tool - Download Trial (Release 2023-01-09)

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