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COBOL to Java & C# Conversion Tools

SoftwareMining's COBOL to Java/C# Conversion Tool reduces project costs by lowering testing phase efforts and by the project to be performed onsite using your own resources. Additionally, using AI techniques the conversion tool reduces/removes many of "legacy" architectures and dependencies from the system to produce Cloud ready code maintainable by new java/C# developers.

Why SoftwareMining

  • Use your own or SI resources (see existing SI partners)
  • Accurate, reliable and legible translation lowers project costs by reducing testing phase
  • Generating performance optimized code
  • Mature Solutions: See success stories
  • Support for JCL, CICS, BMS, IMS, MFS

COBOL Migration White Papers and Articles:

Who uses SoftwareMining

Large European Retail Banks selects SoftwareMining tools to migrate COBOL application with CICS/MQ/DB2 to Java
Leading insurance data analytics company selects SoftwareMining for DB2 COBOL to Java and C#
COBOL to Java, VSAM KSDS to SQL Database
CGI migrates 3 COBOL applications to Java
Texas Department of Family Protective Services Translation of COBOL/SQL to Java/SQL
State of Maine Tax Office migrated from COBOL to Java
TransUnion Credit Processing COBOL application migrated to Java
UNISYS conversion of financial application from COBOL to C#
Bank of Montreal migrates COBOL/ SQL application to Java

Download COBOL to Java / C# Conversion Tool  (Release date: 2020-01-17)

View translation examples:    COBOL to Java    COBOL to C#   CICS/BMS statements

COBOL Migration Project Management and Planning - A 10 minute guide

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