Mainframe COBOL to Java, C# & Cloud

About SoftwareMining

At SoftwareMining we have been developing our COBOL to Java or C#/.NET since 2001 (over 70 man years of development). With a background in Artificial Intelligence, SoftwareMining's COBOL translator uses many AI techniques (from heuristics to pattern matching) to translate the COBOL to highly maintainable Java or C# code.

Our Translation tools were custom made for moving from COBOL to an Object Oriented language such as Java and CSharp, and never aimed at on re-hosting (Mainframe to Microfocus). This has freed us to focus on aspects of translation which Java and C# development teams would like to see: From object orientation and code reuse to runtime performance optimisations.

Only after many years of pure R&D we started focusing on commercial aspects in 2006. Since then we have been involved in many successful translation project. Since 2006 SoftwareMining's COBOL Translation tools have matured with every successful project.

Translation Count (July 2020 )

To date 28.5 Million Lines of COBOL, BMS and JCL code have been translated to Java/C#, JSP/ASP and Unix Shell-scripts using SoftwareMining tools.

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