COBOL to Maintainable Java & C#

Schober Successfully completes Automatic COBOL to Java Migration using SoftwareMining Technologies

Jan, 11 2011:

Through migration of their COBOL application to Java, Schrober substantially reduced the run-time license and development tool costs.

UK, Jan 11, 2011 -- SoftwareMining Technologies, the industry leader in software and services for legacy modernization, today announced that Schober , a leading provider of direct-mail processing solutions, implemented conversion of their COBOL system to Java within weeks using SoftwareMining’s Conversion tools. The project was performed by the consultancy group BA Information Consulting GmbH who used SoftwareMining tools for conversion of application to Java, translation of JCL files to unix shell-scripts, and testing. This latest success builds upon several years of research and development into SoftwareMining COBOL to Java conversion tools. Operational concerns regarding on-going mainframe support costs and maintainability of the current COBOL development environment, lead the management team to consider alterative platform solutions. Schober needed a combined modernization and services solution that would address the transformation, testing and integration requirements of their legacy COBOL program, while leveraging their extensive knowledge and experience in JAVA program development.

Today’s direct-mailing solutions are based upon a fundamental change in the relationship between customer and producer. The company - customer relationship has developed from a sender - receiver model to equal dialogue partners in a growing multi channel communication. An exponentially increasing number of available and well-used online channels make this possible. Only with a large, parallel portfolio of different online and offline services, we can offer our customers the best support for efficient multi channel marketing.

"This unique approach enabled Schober to adopt a cost effective transformation strategy that delivered modern and structured JAVA code, while substantially reducing the run-time license and development tool costs associated with alternative re-hosting technology solutions." Stefan Trabert, CIO Schober Group.
Innovative language-translation technologies enabled our IT consultancy team to deliver rapid and cost effective modernization solutions, in just a few weeks we were able to transform legacy COBOL application code into highly legible and maintainable JAVA systems, The CORECT platform delivered excellent results, enabling us to focus our engineering effort on development and integration of new direct-mail processing solutions - Bernhard Auer, CIO bA Information Consulting GmbH.
SoftwareMining is committed to providing the most advanced and cost effective legacy modernization solutions, working in collaboration with local IT consultancy organizations further strengthens and broadens the scope of our technology solution, Schober's continued adoption of the SoftwareMining platform, re-confirms our commitment to deliver leading edge technologies that addresses today’s most complex transformation challenges. - Dr Cyrus Montakab, CTO SoftwareMining

About The Schober Group The Schober Group employs about 400 people - including more than 100 mathematicians, statisticians, geographers and computer scientists. Schober is market leader in direct marketing, and Europe's leading provider of multi channel communication solutions. The Company with over 60 years of experience in efficient customer value, customer acquisition and market transparency combines offline with online solutions: With over 60 specialists, we develop new and efficient online products. Today, the range includes of all solutions starting with lead generation, online surveys and multi channel campaigns to the entire range of eCRM. About 100,000 companies use the services and products of the Schober Group. Visit The Schober Group online at

About bA Information Consulting GmbH bA Information Consulting as one German specialist in IT Consulting is providing customized solutions and service for IBM Mainframe users of z/VM, z/VSE, z/OS and Linux on System z. One of the core competence is to simplify legacy modernization which allow efficient and effective risk minimization combined with quick ROI. bA Information Consulting is an approved IBM Business Partner for IBM WebSphere and IBM Rational Products as well as an authorized Partner for SoftwareMining Technologies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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