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COBOL to Java Conversion Success Stories

Migration of Credit Decisioning Application from COBOL to Java

Operating across four continents, CRIF is a leading provider of retail credit management, lending support and banking information solutions.

CRIF's COBOL Credit Decisioning Analysis application had already undergone many iterations of functional and non-functional updates. The latest update addresses long term maintainability of the application by changing the application language from COBOL to Java.

Naturally the functional correctness and performance of the new Java application had the highest priority, an area which SoftwareMining Translation excels at.
Additionally, by using SoftwareMining Translation, CRIF team was in charge the translation, testing and delivery of the final application, providing them with full control of project timeline and costs.

ING Bank migrates IBM COBOL to Java for Cloud deployment

ING Bank, one of Europe's top 10 largest, has used SoftwareMining Translator to migrate their online and batch COBOL code(CICS/DB2 and JCL) to Java.

The bank's initial plan was to outsource the migration and rewrite of their legacy COBOL applications to Java. However, after months of technical evaluation, cost and risk analysis, the bank opted to perform the project in-house using SoftwareMining's COBOL to Java Translator Tool. Read more ...

The project took 18 months to complete - mostly due to a comprehensive testing phase involving comparison of over 2 billion transactions processed on original Mainframe vs new Java system.
Decommissioning the ING mainframe was a real challenge and we faced many issues for which we had to find a solution. ... With SoftwareMining's help and positive attitude, the project turned out to be very successful. We have been running smoothly on Linux since Feb 2022.
excellent job!
ING Product Owner

NASDAQ-500 index member Uses SoftwareMining for inhouse translation of COBOL to C# & Java

The leading insurance data analytics company, a member of Standard & Poor's S&P 500® Index and of the Nasdaq-500 Index, has used SoftwareMining for the inhouse migration of their CICS Online and batch applications to part Java and part C#.

Translation and testing was performed by company's own resources and their System Integrator, providing them with full control over timescales and costs.

Some 40% of batch modules were migrated to C#/.NET, the remaining modules were migrated to Java. SoftwareMining Translator were then used to migrate application's JCL scripts to Unix Shell scripts.

For the online, the COBOL/CICS & BMS code was translated to Java/JSP and deployed on Apache-Tomcat.
In a separate phase of the project, the database was migrated from DB2 to Postgres and SQL Server.
All the migrated applications were deployed on Amazon AWS cloud.

Whirlpool migrates COBOL application to Java / private cloud

World-renowned household appliance manufacturer, Whirlpool enlisted SoftwareMining as part of a cost-cutting exercise which included its batch COBOL application being translated to Java.
Primary benefits included using the current shared Unix servers to run translated Java application before decommissioning the Mainframe. This reduced dependency on legacy languages and skill-sets.
In total, around 50,000 lines of JCL were translated by SoftwareMining as part of the process.

Texas DFPS overcomes challenges to migrate Microfocus COBOL application to Java

The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services reached out to SoftwareMining to enact the translation of a COBOL application which communicated with a regional database via Embedded SQL. The application was migrated to Java using SoftwareMining's COBOL to Java Converter, while testing and deployment was performed by MCorp - a systems integrator specializing in legacy modernization.

The system contained very large and complicated SQL statements which needed to be converted from COBOL to Java Dialect, but this challenge was overcome, and the system was translated and live within six months. m was translated and went live within 6 months.

CGI migrates three Financial COBOL applications using SoftwareMining's Translator

CGI called upon SoftwareMining's Translator to facilitate the migration of three financial COBOL applications to Java. The applications were subsequently licensed to the CGI's international client base.

The Canadian IT giant was then able to distribute to clients with no additional runtime; to facilitate easier integration with other systems; and to migrate from indexed files to relational databases when required. They also enjoyed a much larger pool of Java development resources to manage the application.

TransUnion migrates TANDEM COBOL credit processing application to Java

TransUnions Credit Reference Processing and Credit Report Processing was implemented in Tandem COBOL in 1990's. As TransUnion's credit reference processing and credit report processing systems came to the end of their lives, a strategic decision was made to re-platform to Java, rather than port and upgrade. The result, in the words of the consumer credit reporting agency's Enterprise Architect, was "excellent".
We could not have completed this project without it. We have had zero production system outages caused by the new system and there have been no defects found. This was a huge effort and successful because of SoftwareMining.
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IAI enlists SoftwareMining for COBOL-Java Translation

Information Analytics Incorporated (IAI) is a systems integrator for a US state-level government organization and approached SoftwareMining to carry out an IBM COBOL CICS VSAM migration to Java Oracle.

The project involved the translation of IBM CICS online and batch applications to Java, while the associated JCL was translated to PERL scripts by IAI. SoftwareMining also contributed to the testing and delivery phases of the wider project.


Régime Social des Indépendants migrates COBOL to Java with 100% accuracy

SoftwareMining's conversion solutions were used by Régime Social des Indépendants (part of the French Social Security office) for the migration of their COBOL application to Java. The project was heralded as 'all change for the better' with no disruption to services and 100% success at a fraction of the cost of a rewrite.

To sustain functionality, an EXTCALC module was automatically translated from COBOL to Java using SoftwareMining's COBOL to Java conversion technology. SoftwareMining's approach allowed the EXTCALC module to be deployed without any need for modification, while developing the interfaces (web services) with 100% iso-functionality. Translation was 100% correct with zero regression.

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The State of Maine overcomes Tax integration challenges with SoftwareMining

The state of Maine's tax system was originally written in COBOL, using CICS and DB2 and running on zOS. However, it didn't always work with more contemporary IT tools, integration was a constant issue, and it was often cumbersome to swich between functions or to share data with popular desktop tools. It was becoming increasingly difficult to be responsive to change requests and enhancements, and SoftwareMining's intervention helped to overcome these substantial challenges. K Peterson of Maine Revenue Services said:
We are seeing great benefits from this transformation program. Not only have we achieved our cost and maintainability goals, but our users are now more productive and can give a better service to the citizens of Maine."
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Bank OF Montreal modernizes its back-office applications in just three months

The Bank of Montreal enjoyed a successful project with SoftwareMining after realising that its back-office applications were too outdated.

Its applications were implemented in COBOL/DB2 in the 1990s, primarily as batch applications while being updated frequently to reflect changing business requirements. The applications were one of the last ones to still be running on the IBM mainframe, leading to substantial investment into converting COBOL to Java with the help of SoftwareMining.
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Schober reduces runtime license and development tool costs

German company, Schober Information Group, successfully completed an automatic COBOL to Java migration using SoftwareMining technologies.

Through the migration of their legacy application to Java, the company - a leading provider of direct-mail processing solutions - substantially reduced run-time license and development tool costs within their organization. Using SoftwareMining's ‘CORECT' platform solution, the consultancy services organization was able to integrate the automation tool flow into the IT development environment to deliver high quality results.

Stefan Trabert, CIO of Schober group said:
“This unique approach enabled Schober to adopt a cost-effective transformation strategy that delivered modern and structured JAVA code,
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