Mainframe COBOL to Java, C# & Cloud

JCL to Unix / Windows Shell Scripts

Job Control Language (JCL) is a scripting language used on mainframe computers to prepare data files and to launch or run application programs. Its peculiar statements and syntax make it difficult to be understood by the average development resources familiar with Java, C#, MS Windows and Unix. Therefore, one of the objectives of the translation has to be the generation of more legible scripts.

JCL translation needs to address two issues: SoftwareMining translates JCL scripts to Unix shell scripts or MS Windows batch files. The generated scripts are designed to run the SoftwareMining translation of Java or C# programs, and may need some adjustments to work with re-hosted COBOL applications. Most widely used mainframe utilities such as SORT (DFSORT) , COPY, IDCAMS , and basic ICETOOL features are supported within the SoftwareMining framework libraries and are tuned to work in conjunction with the translated programs/data.
The system can also cater for EBCDIC to ASCII (and vice versa) migration of the data files.

Timing and runtime scheduling of scripts require links to operating system utilities such as Unix CRON or MS Schedule Task.

SoftwareMining provides Java implementation of the following JCL Functions / Utilities:

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