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JCL to Unix / Windows Shell Scripts

Job Control Language (JCL) is a scripting language used on Mainframe computers to prepare data-files and launch/run application programs. It's peculiar statements and syntax makes it difficult to be understood by the average development resources familiar with Java, C#, MS Windows and Unix. Thus one of the objectives of the translation has to be generation of a more legible scripts.

JCL translation needs to address two issues: SoftwareMining translates JCL scripts to Unix shell scripts or MS Windows batch files. The generated scripts are designed to run the SoftwareMining translation of Java or C# programs, and may need some adjustments to work with re-hosted COBOL applications. Most widely used mainframe utilities such as SORT (DFSORT) , COPY, IDCAMS , and basic ICETOOL features are supported within the SoftwareMining framework libraries and are tuned to work in conjunction with the translated programs/data.
The system can also cater for EBCDIC to ASCII (and vice versa) migration of the data-files.

Timing and runtime Scheduling of scripts will require linking to Operating System utilities such as Unix CRON or MS Schedule Task utility.

Supported JCL Functions / Utilities

SoftwareMining provides Java implementation of following JCL Functions / Utilities

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