Mainframe COBOL to Java, C# & Cloud

Migration VSAM files to SQL Database

These days data is everything. From use of Data-Mining applications for recognizing patterns in data, legislative reasons such as Open-Government, to rise of Internet-Of-Things (e.g. manufacturing equipment which can order spare parts when it is needed), there is a move to make data more accessible. Opening up VSAM Data on mainframe is not as easy. Traditionally opening up Mainframe data involved a manual redesign of the system to replace VSAM APIís with Embedded SQL statements. This can be a long and laborious exercise.

Moving to cloud

Once the application has been migrated to a Java or C#, and once data has been ported to SQL database, the system can be ported to the cloud such as IBM BlueMix, Microsoft Azure, private cloud or other cloud solutions.

SoftwareMining translation to Java/C# achieve this automatically: VSAM to SQL migration is an in-built feature of the SoftwareMining's COBOL to Java translation, improving the overall value of the modernization project.

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